Patella strap – Jumperband

What does a patella strap do?

A patella strap puts pressure on the patella tendon, which is directly under the kneecap and connects the kneecap with the quadriceps muscle. Thereby the patella tendon is relieved and the tense of the top of the patella tendon reduces. Thereby the pain, caused of the patella tendinitis, is also reduced.

What are the difference between a patella strap and a Jumperband?

The Jumperband puts pressure on the patella tendon as the other patella straps, to relieve the patella and to reduce tense and pain. But different to the other patella straps, the freedom of movement is, because of the elastic material, not restricted. In addition it is more comfortable to wear and the sportsmen don´t find it “disturbing” or “obstructive”.

The Jumperband is currently available in two colours and three sizes, they have the same strength. But there are more sizes and colours in the planning.


current colours:

– Orange

– Black


– S: 22 cm circumference – With a leg circumference up to 33cm

– M: 24 cm circumference – With a leg circumference from 33cm up to 35cm

– L: 26 cm circumference – With a leg circumference from 36cm


– 100% natural latex


– In front the band should be directly on the patella, in the back it should be under the hollow of the knee to ensure optimal effect and freedom of movement.

– For the optimal reusability, it is recommended to wash and powder the band after wearing.