Knee pain

There is not much annoying for a sportsman, than pain during sports. In particular knee pain is one of the most common type of pain. Knee pain can have many causes. Not all knee problems have their origin in the patella tendon, but apart from injuries of meniscus and ligament, injuries of patellar tendon are a characteristic feature especially of jumping sports like handball, basketball, volleyball, high jump and long jump.

High stresses in combination with an anatomic unfavourable position of the sesamoid bone, especially during eccentrically movement of the knee, result in degenerative and often chronic dysfunctions in the patella tendon.

For knee pain, which are caused by patellar tendinitis, is there a solution - the Jumperband. By wearing the Jumperband the pain at the patellar tendon will be greatly reduced. Subjective pain is relieved and by a pressure distribution the Jumperband relieves the patella tendon.

Here you can get more information about the patellar tendinitis and about the use of the Jumperband

Details zum Patellaspitzensyndrom